The instance admins on that blocklist were never even given a chance to defend themselves or their communities.  That is a problem.  I pointedly denounce any system of blocklists that is used as a weapon against communities that are disliked.  They should be used as a means to protect the network, not as a weapon of one so ial group against another,
@maiyannah @archaeme ultimately, nodes obsessed with blocking other nodes will only lose out and deprive their users. This kind of folly will work itself out over time.

Florid Handwriting' Here's a blast from the past. These are from my great grandfathers collection, and shows what civilization has lost since 1879, penmanship. One in English, one in German. #MastoArt #Art #photography #photo #history #writing #penmanship

Stupid historical fact #ArtHistory #History

This is a Swedish medallion from Bohuslän in 300 AD - made by a dude from the North who served in Rome as a soldier, made money, came home and tried to fashion himself as a roman emperor.

Thats him on the coin and the "latin" around the edges is just nonsense, jumbled random letters.


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