i haven't bought a pokemon game in years but i'm more than happy to get the merch of teh cuter ones, sorry for being part of the problem everyone

i love the gay lil' fire bunny poke and im gonna buy a stuffed one

Probably gonna get fired again, can't hold down a job... epic

Seeing a father of a ftm trans son asking for advice on the fedi AND getting tons and tons of (what I assume to be) useful advice and feedback in a troll-free, safe environment is exactly why this network is worth fighting for.

i love how game sack uses the same style for every game they talk about, i'm watching the classic GB episode and they're reviewing pokemon red/blue like no one's heard of it and beautiful

also random GBA fact: the guy i bought GBA games from would get imports and i bought an imported copy of warioware blind b/c we assumed the game(Made in wario) was "maiden warrior" since we didn't japanese good

i always thought the sprites for the mechanized infantry in were b/c like the pack on them is long hair or something

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