So I walk into a local middle school and it looks like things are going well.

"In Oklahoma, individuals who protest pipelines can now be smacked with a $100,000 fine and 10 years in prison."

Attempting to peacefully resist multi-billion dollar fossil fuel giants bulldozing your home, shoving in pipelines that will pollute your native lands' water sources and poison your children will now land you in prison for years/decades, making components for Exxon Mobil's frakking machines.

They're trying to make it illegal to unionize or protest in the US

POC in US ghettos have known the government was just the enforcement arm of a $$$-centric system of neoslavery, cooking up bogus drug charges to throw you in a for-profit prison to make Whole Foods products for Jeff Bezos for 25 cents an hour

Now, working 60-70 hours a week at 3 different jobs to afford meds, rent & food is rebranded open-air slavery for the less marginalized. Resist & go to real prison

My gf wants to live like a professional and ig I'm not in that headspace yet

Ive been anxious about running into people at the garden so i haven't gone even thoi i need to weed lol

Listening to death stranding trailer songs while sad to remember what i gotta live 4

TBH death stranding is the only thing keeping me going these days

Red Mars has been a real mixed bag so far, every time i start getting into the characters it slams the breaks on you to go on about barely related boring things

Am i qualified? Well as you'll see on my resume ive watched over 1000 hours of gdc talks, i believe I'm a great fit for your dev position

Anime-communism is the tendency for the new century

Extremely rare frontal render of the mother penguin and her baby, Tuxie, from Super Mario 64, seen on a 1998 licensed PEZ collectible sticker.

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