i love how game sack uses the same style for every game they talk about, i'm watching the classic GB episode and they're reviewing pokemon red/blue like no one's heard of it and beautiful

@CocoCoconuts genwun is so janky but it'll always hold a special place in my heart for being my first rpg

@EliteKonataFan mine was FF1, though i didn't really play it as much as watch my oniichan play it and and then try to play it and get stuck constantly and ask for him to help me...

@CocoCoconuts i still like that one the best tbh, it feels like an actual rpg

the later games were ironically too weeby for me, an anime avatar

@EliteKonataFan it definitionally has a totally different feeling from later FF games, yeah.

@EliteKonataFan my personal favorite is 13, for whatever that's worth...i just really like lightning :blobheart:

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