@shriekingmarxist honestly tho it's so good, it litearlly got me into the genre b/c it's so good

u ever start rocking out to a song and it's amazing and you want to keep turning it until your ears bleed but for some reaosn max volume isn't painful enough to ur hearing...the worst feeling

@heartles the phrase socialist teeth is drilling into my brain and i can't escape it

re: p2p, hypercore and activitypub 

my big take on activitypub clients lately is that it's ridiculous to insist on "we only support these activities because we are a twitter clone AND NOTHING ELSE" like instead a client should focus on fostering and accessing an ecosystem of type support plugins. otherwise you go down this scope-denying rabbithole that only reinforces the power of the denying cadre. users should have broad capabilities to customize their own client, and to distribute customized clients.

look: i know scope-creep is bad news, but i want you to think hard about what it has done for facebook.

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