Someone just posted that you can enjoy the silmarillion without reading lotr to justify fate/zero first which is just an amazing opinion and obviously they've never read that damn book on their life because it's horribly dull even WITH context

I tried the the text therapist that's in all the podcasts and it's 80 bucks a week and they don't take insurance who is this for

@dahmer I'm just drinking stumptown today, which is the basic bitch of Portland coffees :blobsweat:

lmao, just sweeping a bunch of merch and bunting into the garbage along with a bunch of shattered dreams. farewell piggo

@pea i always feel like I'm gonna get stiffed because they're like "no way it can take her this long" when they don't realize theres a 10% grade between their food and them lol

In Yoshi's Island, when Baby Mario touches a Super Star to become Powerful Mario, Yoshi temporarily becomes an egg (left). A 1995 Yoshi's Island manga proposes the explanation that the star grants Baby Mario Yoshi's abilities so he turns Yoshi into an egg himself (right).

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