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i read an esay a while ago and it mentioned that vegans should focus on the positive(let's eat more plants!) instead of the negative(eat less meat) and I changed my profile at that time to say "eat plants" instead of "don't eat meat", basically cutting edge praxis

ZUN is the only man who has gained the ability to understand the hearts of women

Kojima's directoral style has always been voyeuristic and part of that is he makes a lot of shots intimate and horny b/c he loves doing that and i think folks who aren't bi might miss he does this for fucking EVERYONE

my video game guy crushes are now like, norman reedus, mads, and geralt of rivia lol.

thanks you for you service, kojima

Doing a movie double feature friday of the lighthouse and parasite, can't fucking wait

i will make a sound bank for every line of sam's dialouge with miku and someone hack it into the fuckin' game. someone make the miku sam model, let's do this gamers

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honestly if we don't get miku sam modded into death stranding day 1 on PC i'm going to riot

i jwas reheating some leftovers on the stove and i had the idea to add a little splash to water to the pot to steam it all and i feel so fucking smart now

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