Well it looks like people are actually starting to use my Nintendo Switch Rust stuff. But I also need to start supporting them. Mixed feelings everywhere.

Well I never thought I'd get into a staring contest with a coyote AT UNIVERSITY CAMPUS'S MEDICAL CENTER

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On the one hand, I'm not going to class for 3 days in a row.
On the other hand, my (already very late) n-body simulation homework is going alright, so I got that going for me I guess.

Of all the weeks for my brain to randomly get into a depressive self-hating funk why does it have to be when I'm *already* 3 days late on an assigment.

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"lynne, leave the windows users alone, it's valentine's day, show some compassion*

valentine's ended over three hours ago in my timezone :blobcatowoevil:

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Why not just make the human body open source

How did I do absolutely nothing productive all weekend? I didn't even work on my hobby projects I basically just gestated on the couch watching Maniac and memes.

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i found this high-quality math shitpost screencap on my laptop and i have no idea who wrote it, but it should be shared with the world before i delete it from my hard drive

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kids these days be like "shots shots shots shots shots shots"

but can we get them to be like "#FOSS #FOSS #FOSS #FOSS #FOSS #FOSS"

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:blobnotlike: blocking ads is evil grr
:blobuwu: HTTP is a pull-based medium. it is within the original philosophy of HTTP to selectively pull the data, for example, a device that doesn't support images won't download them. by circumventing ad "blocking", you are spitting in the face of HTTP. a more accurate term would be ad rejection. ads are not "blocked", they are simply not asked for.

The next pressing political question in the breadverse: WHO DOES AOC MAIN? I say either Isabelle or Ness (or K Rool just because it seems like everyone at least has a pocket K Rool).

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I wish u could just get the drugs that make ur brain good without doing all the doctor shit

Okay so maybe trying to upgrade my Rust libstd fork at the same time as parallelizing my matplotlib graphing for my physics homework isnt the best idea.

Why are US Internet provider companies like all bad
Okay I know why but oligopoly or not I shouldn't have to explain to someone that something not plugged in to the internet does not have a good connection whatever the logs say

Ugh I did this on a whim so I don't know who to follow and I don't even know where to look.
I guess for now I just hit follow on all the locals that aren't bots and see what happens.

Now for the period after I join anything where all my posts start with a thought cycle of "should I post this or will this be annoying/off topic/spam" "Eh whatever let's see what happens."

What's the best thing to do at midnight? Make a mastodon account obviously.


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