Fun thing is how I'd like to be in the 'creating' part, however I really dislike of being beginner so it be shameful to even show my things to anyone. Hope its not too complicated

Welcome back, here are I'm again doing escapism cause does have balls to cope with my problems

But sometime it getting this boring that actually putting me asleep. So it's also good

Ok, after all this time im having fun playing ToS. Good

As soon as I've tried to apply anime avatar - my twitter account got locked, I think it's the case


ot showing all UI aspect of RO Mobile. Currently I'm enjoin this game more that I enjoy any kind of MMORPG. After 40 lvl I'll probably will start searching english speaking guild to join party event. Also afk farming is saving tons of time, when you can just softa leave your character to auto-farm. But there is stamina and efficiency is reduces overtime


Anyway tonight, I'll cook some Chinese style chicken. The one with carrot, capsicum and broccoli with sweet and sour source.

I'm a lazy with sources, so I just bought some to try it out. Still it will be probably better then the one you buy from closest takeaway.

after seeing all this shit about Wendy's I wanted some burger from it. I've come today and it was unexpectedly good.

Not the custom made quality, but definitely top tier among others fast food restaurants (Mcd and BK is shit).

I've installed RO mobile on my iPad and I've come to realize that it's not very suitable for mobile , not technically, but mentally, when you have to grind tons and tons of mob.

It's nice to play at home on couch, but why do that, when you play it on pc and join voice chat too.

Still I think it's a good example of what RO2 might be and what ToS miss. I wish there will be English release (aside with Korean/Japanese), until that I'll enjoy my time on Chinese server.

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