Dear God... I already hated Kamala Harris due to her history as a DA prosecuter but now that she's actually making policy statements it just gets so much worse. Forgiving student debt for like seven people under the condition that they take part in the gentrification of disadvantaged communities and talking about privatization of Medicare makes her a disgusting capitalist lapdog in my eyes.

Just want to let you all know that I'm royally fucked financially, because my boss decided to give me half the hours I'm supposed to get a week before I'm supposed to pay tuition... Fuck my job, fuck my boss, and fuck capitalism.

Main Street centric city design is fucking moronic and leads to ungodly city sprawl and inefficient land use.

As someone going to school to become a city planner I just would like to say almost all of the City planners in the US from the last fifty years are fucking idiots. Or at least the people on the City Councils who had the final say on projects are.

Just would like to say the GDR was fuckin sick and I wish we could have it back.


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