Autumn Reitaisai 7 haul, shipping costs were a bit egregious but really like what I got.

May as well show off my most recent plastic daughter, came a lot earlier than expected but no objection there.

Finished the second Kara no Kyoukai film, I don't mind stories being told out of order, especially with stuff like Monogatari, but I think Murder Speculation Part 1 would've been a better starting point than Overlooking View. I'd say I liked it a decent amount more than the first movie.

Damn, I know games change rendering quality based on distance but this is something else...

Reminder, this is supposed to be the replacement for the classic Nexus Mod Manager. No way to sort them by category here like with NMM and it's just overall clunkier

Started playing Heritage for the Future for the first time in about 2 years, with all the Roda Rolla Das I'm pulling off I'd say I still got it

Tanks of Freedom is fun, and also open source + free, I'm tempted to spare some $ for the devs at this rate.

Cool feature of Playnite is letting you list individual emulated games so they can automatically load into the emulator. Very convenient little touch.

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