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Let someone talk long enough, and the truth will come out. Like how I'm just going to mention I actually liked Suikoden 4 and Phantasy Star 3.

The only reason they're race swapping these characters is because they can't replace them otherwise. They can't invent a new black Superman-LIKE character and hope to replace Superman with him.

And they NEED to replace him, all of them. This is memetic conquest.
i don't care if you're retarded and take the vaccine or you're retarded and don't take the vaccine, i do however care if you are camping goalpoasts to try to gaslight someone into taking it or not taking it. let those retards decide themselves, retard
@NEETzsche Because his rise to fame was completely undeserved and unwarranted in the first place. Matt Jarbo has no talent and no charisma, he's stupid, fat and extremely ugly, he has never said an intelligent, insightful or witty thing once in his entire life, and he's a Fedorafag who only started hating Christianity because he got kicked out of his church at age 15 for harassing a 13 year old girl (his version of events is that she desperately wanted him to impregnate her).

Basically, Matt has reverted back to the kind of popularity a worthless e-celeb wannabe like himself could expect if Zoe Quinn had never flagged his forgettable video on the Quinnspiracy.
The only good thing about RE3R's MP mode was that randomly if you were playing as Spencer and lost, he would rarely say "And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

I was wrong Sakuya isn't a jobber anymore she's a fucking damage god.

- Wanting to ban drawings is gay.
- Insisting on applying the age of *Consent* concept to drawings is retarded.
- Desperately attempting to decipher the "real" age of immortal or age ambiguous fictional characters is autistic af.
- Calling Loli "child porn" is about as informative and accurate as calling a Mortal Kombat Fatality compilation video a "snuff film".

The :torbo: energy is strong today.
Another day of people triggered over loli porn. :ablobpopcorn: Imagine letting your countries be run by pedos while wanting pixels or ink on a page to be criminalized.

Also ironic & dumb the same goobers who fear feds knocking down their door for being a White Nationalist want said feds to go after animu drawlings. It's worse than antifa cop defenders wanting cops to come and save them.

"Challenge: Whites go a day without suckling up to the very powers that want them killed (IMPOSSIBLE)"
"the wrong kind of autism" describes reddit perfectly lmao

Funny thing is I only just started playing Xenoblade 2 today after 10pm, been busy with the new 2hu and MonHun but I'm playing Torna right now. Torna's really fucking easy lol.

ZUN really made a recolored Aya her boss like we wouldn't notice.

At least she probably isn't Lord Tenma, I can continue imagining she's tan with big tits.
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