Reminder, this is supposed to be the replacement for the classic Nexus Mod Manager. No way to sort them by category here like with NMM and it's just overall clunkier

Started playing Heritage for the Future for the first time in about 2 years, with all the Roda Rolla Das I'm pulling off I'd say I still got it

Tanks of Freedom is fun, and also open source + free, I'm tempted to spare some $ for the devs at this rate.

Cool feature of Playnite is letting you list individual emulated games so they can automatically load into the emulator. Very convenient little touch.

Been playing a lot of The Vagrant today, picked up the artbook and it has some great stuff, very high res too

Recettear is a super cool game but god damn it, after 12 hours I already want to grab the Closed Shop theme by the hair and slit its throat with a Worn Sword.

Started working on this scenario. island layout works great for a lot of park and ride designs. OpenRCT2 has proven to be pretty damn good, as well as RCT 2 itself.

Welp, finally beat Fight 'N Rage on Hardest after 2 hours of attempting the final chapter. Brutal but super fun. The catch is there's 2 more even harder difficulties, even one explicitly designed to be unwinnable, so my sanity has so rest yet

Back to playing God Hand, having the time of my life. About time I finish it...

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