So, how is this as a replacement for ACAB (All Cops Are Bad)?

PACT = Police Are Class Traitors

I came up with it since some doofus on YT had a problem with ACAB being not literal enough.

While i am at work, i am thinking about how not too different capitalism is from feudalism and slavery and i realized something. Temp agencies are a kind of slave market. Since capitalism still enslaves us through wages that we need to survive, we either sell ourselves or have someone sell us for us. It's fucking sick.

So, since I am still a pretty new anarchist (though almost 40 years old 😆), i have run into some...annoying...conflict between anarchs and Marxists (or MLs?). What is that really about? Generally, we seem to want most of the same things (towards the creation of some kind of communistic society), just anarchs are wary of power concentrations and MLs believe in concentrating some power as the "vanguard party". Is this basically the issue?

So, if we anarchic/socialist/communistic types want to establish ourselves well, i think we have to make changes to HOW we live. Utilizing what laws are in place, in order to thrive and survive, we need land. On that land would be various buildings and such that will collectively be the "company" (there can be products sold to those outside the "company" as we have to deal with capitalistic crap).Food security in the form of various crops (besides fruits, veggies, grains I recommend hemp for one due to the multitude of uses for it) and food insects (and maybe chickens as pets and for their eggs) would be a way to go. We cannot be like the bougies and not take the necessary steps towards freedom just because we are somewhat comfortable, because we would be afraid of a little hardship and loss of some of those (conditioned) comforts. We can create new comforts, regardless. We really have nothing to lose but our chains.

Hmm, wouldnt it be something, while the U.S. is preoccupied, if many of the countries with U.S. military bases had their people march on them, to push out the invaders.

Just heard this line in a video, cracked me the fuck up:
"This is why communism that doesn't give a shit about women or queers is a hollow and empty ballbag perched below a micropenis"
- Pamphleteer
"The Political Compass Will Get You Lost", Youtube

So, when is enough finally going to be enough in the U.S. so we can overthrow our quasifeudal lords? I mean, pretty sure there are enough anarchists, commies, and socialists of all flavors (and just disgruntled workers) to do a thing together.

- read some books on capitalism, colonialism, history of your area, ideally with someone else
- volunteer at a shelter for houseless people. especially if you have the privilege, consider bullying anyone in an administrative role that's acting like people in the shelter aren't human beings
- that friend of yours that's really struggling to get by? bring them dinner the night they work late
- go to a training on opiate overdose response, get some narcan and learn how to use it

"hi io, I want to try this mutual aid stuff but don't know how"

- find a local chapter of food not bombs, or start one
- join a solidarity union (IWW is good in us/can) and take on some tasks
- talk to people while you're waiting for the bus
- (techies) find or start a repair cafe
- (spiritual people) find a church doing good community work and help, as long as they aren't proselytizing at the same time
- babysit for your radical friends with kids so your friends can do stuff

#Capitalism is a reasonable economic system that destroys 100 million trees a year to mass-produce something that literally no one asked for and literally everyone hates

Harpal Brar: Fascism is the violent attempt of decaying capitalism to defeat the proletarian revolution and forcibly retard its own demise. Fascism uses demagogy as a science for it dare not declare its aims openly, for it could build no mass support on the basis of its real aims.

:drake_dislike: too many people want to be artists and we need to gatekeep harder

:drake_like: capitalism has produced a society that undervalues creative work and forces people to work long hours, leaving little time to pursue creative interests. people attempt to square this circle by pursuing art as a living, but capitalism is only interested in profit and paying workers as little as possible, forcing artists to pursue only commercially viable projects and fight over crumbs at that

So trump said he is pulling out of Syria because Turkey promised ta "wipe" the rest of Isis out in Syria. Hopefully rojava can last

Ah, come 7pm I will have spent 6 hours (today is my 6 hr shift)at work barely working (mostly just standing and messing with my phone) but getting paid. Boring, but nice. Almost makes up for the extra bullshit they make me do other times.

Finally was able to create a Mastodon account. Wouldn't let me join the first instance I picked... but this seems more appropriate anyway :)


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