@The_Mechanarchist Saw you on NonCompete's channel. I joined mastodon recently and don't know anyone yet. Trying to convert real life friends, but no luck yet.😎

@MingMongo Correction...the I imagine most of the people I work with would not be too interested in "converting", except maybe one dude I got into conversation with. He understands how fucked we are. I probably won't tell family, especially not my one half sister: she is fairly religious, ex-military, conservative-ish and we already butt heads on those few times we do converse 😞

@The_Mechanarchist Most people I know understand that we are screwed, but still see anything that might fix things, as too radical or utopian. I have family in Trump country, and I just don't bother. They are too far gone.

@MingMongo Well...fuck. Sorry to hear that. I do understand why people voted for him, somewhat, but they should have enough awareness to realize that was a fucking mistake. Hillary (who I voted for, and this was my first time voting at the age of 39) I didn't want either. I would have voted Bernie or Jill, probably, and things MIGHT have gotten a little better.::shrug:: Who knows, really?
I do wish people hadn't bought into the all the government capitalist propaganda so much, just swallowed it without any foresight (just like corps and their mostly looking at the current and maybe next quarter).

@The_Mechanarchist I figure any effect you can have through voting is minor at best. The people at the top have things arranged the way they want it, and those at the bottom seem to instinctively want fascism. I don't have a fully formed idea of what to do, but I think it involves forming networks and building a good society within the rotting one. Oddly, as I am not religious, I think the early Christians in Rome were a good example.


@MingMongo I would say that the only fascism people want is their OWN fascism, not someone else's fascism.

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