@ZettaiRyouiki I feel like the vigilante-ism is kinda baked into the fabric of social media, like the idea that an individual report is required for a moderator to act instills in the user a sense of "power" that seems to get out of hand and turn from simple reports to doxxing, hacking, abusing etc.

@ZettaiRyouiki There's a part in Terry Pratchett's wonderful book "Small Gods" where a crowd of "true believers" are throwing stones at some apostates, imprisoned down in a pit.

The lead character remarks to his companion that they "Seem very sure they're correct"

The companion answers: "They're very sure they're not in the pit."

"Social Justice Vigilantes" (the SJWs who doxx and burn progressives who haven't always expressed the perfect progressive ideals) hate themselves for the 'incorrect' ideas they once held and cannot forgive themselves for it, they cannot reconcile their own journey so they reflect their self-hatred upon those who are trying to reconcile. They would see burned one who owns that they were once wrong before admitting to it themselves.

This character is credited as the first reference of 'zettai ryouiki' to the combination of thigh-highs and short skirt.

socialism is an immoral cancer and is making the tumor the democratic party already had grow larger every day
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