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kawen space is a menace with such threatening agendas as
-replacing r with w

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@ZettaiRyouiki exactly, also language policing in general has always felt wrong. it's not constructive.
anyway my point is that a disabled person joking about their disability and quirks or joking about them in general is not the same ableism as ignoring wheelchair accessibility or treating someone as an "other" without trying to change it, which is IMO the "real" ableism. also disabled people get bullied for this online, which is also not okay.

@ZettaiRyouiki well, i just think we shouldn't self-police our jokes, esp if it actually helps coping. i'm legally disabled (epilepsy, had been in a wheelchair because of it, etc) and was bullied intensely by so-called social justice people for making jokes about it, whereas it actually is a coping mechanism for me?
and when talking to other people like me, we constantly joke about it, it's so much better than being treated as an "other" when people can be light-hearted about serious topics

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