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AMAZING! We Forced A Neural Network To Watch 100 Youtube Videos On Autoplay And You’ll Never Believe What Fourteen Words It Said!

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There are 3 types of people
Those who don't understand Bioshock Infinite's story and think it's bad
Those who claim to understand Bioshock Infinite's story and think it's good
And those who understand Bioshock Infinite's story and know it's bad

People use cws for all sorts of stupid reason but one legitimate use I never see is cwing selfies for being fucking ugly

I'm non binary by which I mean I count using base 10

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lol some little bitch reported me to my own instance for telling motorists to fuck off. didnt even report the one where i said "cunt" just telling people to fuck off.

im trying firefox again maybe itll finally be good

what do people think of Stellar (XLM) seems kind of cool. Actually has a legitimate use case unlike most cryptocurrencies.

if stranger things is so good why isnt there a strangest things?

I still talk to people I think are fairly shitty because even degenerates and psychopaths can have interesting or insightful things to say, freespeechextremist being a notable exception. Also dtluna is pretty worthless as far as actual interesting or insightful content but hes entertaining at least.

neoliberals call this the end of history, not because they think this is the final, true economic system like they say, but because they're going to kill everyone so there wont be any more history

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tfw you made the mistake of engaging someone in good faith and they reveal themselves to be a worthless piece of shit drain on society

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