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avengers shit is usually libs so seeing a trump one is mildly surprising

This is kinda interesting. Germany has some of the strictest gun control in the world, aparently, and yet it's actually possible for a normal citizen to own a real (except for being semi-auto only) mp5, which is something you literally cannot do in several US states.

nothing like a conspiracy theory advertisement to make you look like a very normal and stable person who should definitely be armed

Honestly not sure showing up armed to events like this is productive, but at least these guys look like they know what they're doing

why did he put quick detach mounts on his clown mask? why is there no magazine in his tacticool leg holster pistol? why did he put an accessory rail on his shockwave, but no accessories? why does he even have a mossberg shockwave in the first place?

this one especially rules because the longer you look at it the more absurd it becomes

VA rally really showing the world how smart and responsible gun owners are

iceberg lettuce combines the worst aspects of both regular lettuce and cabbage into one plant

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