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How insufferable are you? Which one?

cool antifa plot: start a fake "free speech" "conservative friendly" social network. Demand Government ID for verification. Get "hacked"

lol apparently parler got "hacked" because they left their database credentials in the app?

there are so many graphical oversights and bugs in big sur its reminding me of windows

The pro-murder epic troop coffee roaster is having a feud with the not pro-murder epic troop coffee roaster

whos ready to die at a superspreader event this week???!

lol just remembered this. Yes it's real. No, it's not remotely accurate.

Looking forward to Biden using MAGA chuds refusing to accept the election results as justification to do something similar in the US in a couple years

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Kinda funny france voted for macron as an alternative to trump-style far-right populism and this is worse than anything Trump did in America

whats with some trans people and coating their belongings in aggressively bad stickers that are all exclusively about being gay and/or trans?

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