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Today on "smokers are fucking disgusting": the apparent break spot for people who work at the tattoo parlor next door. Clean up your shit, you fucking slobs.

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You're all white guilt milquetoast pieces of human garbage

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@Elizafox genuine follows are for nerds. I get follows from all the people who join my instance then abandon their accounts.

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i forgot to set up docker to send logs to journald on this box... whoops

uh apparently the sidekiq container grew to 21GB in a week.

i really need a vape cart stand. i should 3d print one. the problem is i always remember this problem when im blazed which is not a good time to do CAD or 3d printing

one kinda sad thing about shrimps is that they gradually gain more distinguishing features as they age but it takes awhile so by the time you can tell one apart from all the rest it's probably very old and doesn't have much time left

How is this idiot so clueless that he thought this would work? Every single person I know with private insurance fucking hates it

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