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It's already happening: American cops are interrogating protesters and asking if they are anti-fascist.

Is the authoritarian US police state basically going to make it illegal to be anti-fascist? Then it'll be totally undeniable what the USA is: fascist

RT @Jose_Pagliery
Defense lawyer source: protestors arrested by NYPD are being pulled aside by FBI at precincts & asked about anti-fascist sentiments or connections to antifa.


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PDX / last nights protest / police collaboration 

Please hear what long time PDX BLM organizer Danialle James has to say about last nights protest

portland protestors let themselves be lead around by a probable undercover cop

kinda crazy to think that while these mass protests are going there is still: a global pandemic, the us presidential race is between two rapists with dementia

like these morons just watched a bunch of fellow journalists get wrecked by the police without provocation and they're still parroting this bullshit?

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Just another night of those who claim to "protect and serve" violating multiple clauses of the Geneva Convention to prop up a failed state! 🤡

Just saw someone I know get hit with a flash grenade intentionally thrown at him while trying to film the protests in Portland.

Liberals think that the riots were caused by an underground cabal of white anarchists because the idea of acting outside the hegemony is indescribable to them

Reminder that lockdown or curfew is the perfect time to clean and oil your guns and make sure they're in working order

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