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High Quality Person @animeirl

Orange Man, Hitler Show more

Few things are as astounding as the inability of pundits to grasp exactly what it is that anti-fascists oppose.

* Roast Turkey with Salt (No Pepper)
* Mashed Potatoes and Ketchup
* 4 Ears of Corn
* Shot of Beer

@hakui @lain yeah. new job starting tomorrow. plus i get severance pay

@hakui @lain they deleted my entire department from existence

@delores @xj9 alt right are authoritarian so of course

@lain being a slow piece of shit full of corporate endpoint "security" malware. Also it's no longer mine as I will no longer be an Intel corporation employee 54 minutes from now

@xj9 he's vocally pro neonazi. Don't need to read his mind.