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High Quality Person @animeirl@social.homunyan.com

im super allergic to trees and grass so i have to close up my apartment in spring even though that should be when you want to have it open :( i have a ton of indoor plants to help with air quality at least

capitalism is Show more

The Democrat party platform is generally "right now is is good as it's ever been in every way and could not possibly be any better"

Democratic PEOPLE's Republic of Korea
PEOPLE's Republic of China

Democratic Peoples REPUBLIC of Korea,

People REPUBLIC of China

Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICs

The REPUBLICan party.

is this what they meant when they said i shouldn't use a crossover cable

people who use =/= to mean ≠ are scum

its funny gorf.club is on so many mastodon blocklists considering mastodon can't federate with it due to:

invalid content-type
unsupported (in ruby) character encoding
invalid SSL certificate

KDE is growing on me a bit. the version of KDE in debian still doesn't let me adjust mouse acceleration to something not insanely sensitive but later versions seem better

is there a way to set the framerate kwin uses when compositing?

Switching my DE from #Xfce to #Mate feels like trading in my trusty, reliable 1998 Toyota Corolla for a 2000 Honda Civic.

them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.


if you support free speech for groups that primarily exist to suppress free speech, you're not actually supporting free speech

american small towns are the worst in the entire world. its incredible