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High Quality Person @animeirl@social.homunyan.com

Any man who self identifies as a sjw is probably a rapist

there was a guy who got his thumb bitten off by an eel but you have to consider that: he was feeding it hot dogs, eels have HORRIBLE eyesight, and they physically can't let go if they bight something cause their teeth are curved.

Just saw the news about Neogaf. Lets grab some popcorn.

good example of how the ubuntu devs (and also gnome devs) are fuckfailers bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+sou

Imagine being surprised to find out evilore is a rapist.

the correct plural of shrimp is shrimps when you're talking about the animals. it's like chicken . You eat chicken but you keep chickens in a henhouse.

i had to move some plants and decorations around in my tank 2 weeks ago and the loaches have still not forgiven me

one drawback of keeping fish as pets is like dogs or cat's they're intelligent enough to recognize you and remember specific events so if you inadvertently do something (eg tank maintenance, catching a fish in a net to medicate a disease, etc.) that scares or angers them, it can drastically alter the way they act towards you for quite a while.

Antifa stands for anti fat acceptance. Very problematic