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Uber for blockchain for raw water

It's impossible to take anything Jordan Peterson says seriously without being monsterously stupid and ill informed.

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Ubuntu 17.10 has a cool feature where if you install nvidia drivers your computer wont boot

Conservatives write shit like this, but sure, feminists are the real man-haters

this is some galaxy brain shit right here

To anyone considering using shared blocklists: It can be tempting to sign up to not have to worry about having to deal with bad instances yourself, but in reality you're not signing up for an objective list of bad behaviors, but an individual or small group's list of personal grievances and snap judgments.

ggautoblocker was a good example of this on Twitter. Presented itself as filtering out gamergate shills, but in reality you were signing up for anti-trans bigot Randi Lee Harper's personal list of people she had fights with and ended up silencing tons of leftist and queer people.

I've yet to see a "public blocklist" that doesn't have ulterior motives beyond what it claims to do. Anyone putting in the effort to make a easily shareable blocklist is doing so out of a desire for control, not to help you.

u dont need a baby blue drill for women to be able to use it jesus christ

they have power tools specifically for women at stores now and im annoyed