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High Quality Person @animeirl@social.homunyan.com

The Mastodon UI sucks but qvitter and pleroma-fe are approximately 1 billion times worse so he deserves some credit

one of my shrimps is sleeping with a poop hanging halfway out of its butt lol

imo most people who shit talk Electron don't know why it's popular in the first place.

"docker is for retards, just use lxc" - someone who clearly doesn't have the faintest idea of what docker actually is

if you're going to try to start an argument about computers with me you need to realize is that my first question is always going to be "does it actually work?" and until the answer is yes i don't care about anything else

> tfw you project your own emotional immaturity onto others

"this thing that actually works is bad, you should use this other thing that doesn't actually do what you need instead" - linux dorks