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High Quality Person @animeirl@social.homunyan.com

The United States Gets Sued by 21 Young People Affected by Climate Change youtube.com/watch?v=Rp-wWb_GAt

Whenever you're feeling down on yourself just remember at least you aren't a libertarian

i like how trump/comcast fans are like "the internet was fine before 2015" and its like bitch do you not remember 300GB data caps?

the dont tread on me snake that libertarians and alt-right like to use is ironic since a snake probably has more humanity than they do

chrome sucks but id rather have my url history logged than every webpage i visit read+modified

I have to go to a work Christmas party. Wish me luck...

Destroying my only remaining social outlet to trigger the libs!


If you're excited for ready player one I really hope you die before you ever get to see it

"soft reboots" are possibly the worst idea Hollywood has ever had.

I fully support star wars spoilers because anyone excited for Disney's shitty cash grabs deserves to have the things they enjoy ruined.