@cocoron i looked up the company and their entire line of products is made by prison slave labor


"What made you pursue Thailand for the expansion of CARCEL’s production network?

We go where the highest amount of poverty related crime meets the world’s most luxurious materials because that is where we believe we can make an impact through desirable quality products."

@cocoron they claim it's voluntary but I also hear that said about US prison labor which is technically true to the extent that you have the choice of doing labor or being tortured.

@animeirl also let's not forget that thailand is still under the control of a military junta :/ "ethical"

@cocoron also they pay "fair wages" meaning they give money to the prison warden and ask politely for him to give it to his slaves. also "fair wages" is like $3 a day to make clothes they sell for hundreds

@animeirl @cocoron
It cannot be "voluntary" as long as there is coercion. As an exconvict, I can assure you that not doing things can weigh against you for parole release, harsher punishments when you are to be punished, things like that.

@animeirl @cocoron in the US, slavery is only illegal for those who aren't in prison. Those in prison can be forced to work without pay. It was used in the past (and is still used now) to keep slaves even after slavery was abolished.

@cocoron @animeirl it sounds like they're one step away from making their slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei".

@animeirl It was made by (slave) Women! It's empowering! We're giving them jobs!

@animeirl It's like capitalism tried to do that thing where you buy from local artisans to support the community but was too cheap to pay for the work of actual artisans- so human rights violations it is.



I had a look at their website and thought it was trolling but I guess not

also, carcel means prison in Spanish (in case it wasn't gross enough already)

@animeirl "This way, we transform lost time into skills, paid jobs, and better futures." archive.fo/3edJJ#selection-495 yuck


I’ve seen this in Mexico, too. There are stores along the highway selling “prison goods” and even an outlet in the Cancun airport.

I guess I don’t have an opinion because I don’t understand the economics or political climate but it sure seems weird from my perspective.

Referring to imprisoned laborers as "incredible women" is peak neoliberalism

@animeirl I've seen really bad fashion industry copy, but WTF? :(

Ah yes, white feminism.

Empowering women everywhere, for just pennies on the dollar.

In fact the details of the economic arrangement are kept outside the FB ad. the company can always claim the workers are being compensated fairly. A claim that feels intentionally dubious.

the ad has done its job -- gotten eyeballs on the brand name and logo without paying for Facebook for additional views.

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@animeirl Most companies using prison labour in the US try to hide it by using third-party businesses, but it looks like someone just found an even more profitable way to do it!!

This got even worse when I noticed the company's name CARCEL is PRISON in spanish or sth.... for fuuck's sake

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