from my observations i've noticed that when shrimp sleep they lay down with their head pointed upwards like this

@shinkaiheigen probably. I read a scientific paper that presented evidence that ants dream so i would expect it extends to other arthropods.

@WatchingWolf i think its also just the way their body is shaped. if they're relaxed and not bending their body in some way then tilting their abdomen/tail down will til their head upwards

@WatchingWolf sometimes they'll also rest (and possibly sleep) upside down hanging from the bottom of a leaf but this picture seems to be their most relaxed posture

@animeirl That sounds cute! And I imagine they can sleep while clinging to something, can stay safer that way.

@animeirl Nantyatte. But to be honest there’s no much details to observe from that camera, so I enjoy more watching various fishes swimming near the wall – I always forget that there’s a wall and it looks like it’s just two fishes swimming synchronously.

You know, if you add some random water track, you may open a youtube chanel, maybe even open a patreon or something.
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@tija I can't tell from that view. I can identify done if them from their backs

@animeirl Oh! Do you remember some dark spots on their shell or is there some more intricate way to remember them?

When I read about bees, I’ve found that scientists put small dots of fluorescent paint on the backs. I bet there are some paints to use on shrimps too. Would be fun to watch them in the night.
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