@animeirl OK that's way too generous towards leftists for a joke.

Try this:

Leftists: If we mobilise a protest now then it should convince the meteor to change its course.
@animeirl Nah, it's just not fair in a joke taking the piss out of several groups to leave one group unscathed unless that group is called "Sensible people" or something.

@cutscenes leftists and sensible people are basically the same thing

@animeirl Nope. "Sensible people" is a set, "leftists" is a set, and they are not the exact same set.

It's easy enough to shoot that down, just give an example of a leftist who isn't sensible.
@animeirl I'm not sure if you're trolling or serious here.
@animeirl If you seriously think that a large group of people are equal to the entire group of sensible people then you are seriously braindamaged.
@animeirl I've been wasting too much time on this reply. I need to get better at dealing with trolls.
Mars 2035!

@animeirl 's left definition: pay me to come up with a cheaper solution so I can retire.

[Fyi, Rachel here muted me because she can't take anti-socialist memes. And I invited her to migrate w/me and girlfriend to Switzerland, provided I help settle her & her shrimps at my cost!]
[Plus, I've always wanted to high five @nepfag , he's cool IRL]
@animeirl meteors are just gay comets and therefore dont deserve to be thought of as real you cant change my mind.

im sorry. What does GOP means ?
Im not american and i cant understand the joke.

@Elijah__ common name for the US Republican political party

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