Why are so many smokers such inconsiderate jackasses? I'm generally in support of people being able to do whatever they want to their own bodies but sometimes it seems like the only way to stop these inconsiderate fucks from smoking and littering everywhere is to ban it.

@animeirl When I was a smoker, I was very aware not to toss my butts wherever. I would hold onto them until I got to a tray, I would *gasp* use the ashtray in my car and yell at passengers who casually dropped theirs out the windows. It pissed me off that other smoker were just so damn inconsiderate.

@ZettaiRyouiki there was some jackass stinking up the outdoor seating area at the cafe i was at even though no smoking is allowed which is what set it off. at an old apartment shitheads would go smoke in the bike storage area directly below my window

@animeirl I never got that 'smoker entitlement' that just because they are outside, it's OK.

I don't smoke now, don't even vape; vaping wasn't as big when I quit so the whole habit was kicked

@ZettaiRyouiki its really not that hard to go like 15 feet away if you really have to smoke. also tbh i dont care if people vape or even smoke a pipe or something closer. cigarettes smell like burnt assholes imo

@animeirl I don't care so muxn about the smoking itself, but the littering is disgusting

@lain theres cigarette butts fucking everywhere there's a bench in portland its fucking disgusting. the guy doing it at the cafe was straight up just throwing them on the floor by his table

@lain its also even less understandable now since vaping is so common. like i get it if you have a substance dependency but either clean up your shit or use something that doesn't cause you to leave litter everywhere you sack of shit

@louisoft01 @lain vaping is also significantly cheaper than cigarettes so you cant excuse people for being poor

@animeirl @lain I still don't get why people hate on vapers, I tried smoking a few times in high school and it's overated so I never realy did it again

@louisoft01 @lain 2 main reasons are, imo: smokers who feel like threatened/insulted/judged by it, and the fact that, especially in the early days, vapers tend to be pretty nerdy

@1iceloops123 @lain @animeirl that was only made legal where I am a few months back and weed is still illegal
@louisoft01 They’re definitely not taking it on prescription else they wouldn’t have so much of it.

@lain @1iceloops123 @animeirl

@animeirl i don't understand why so many of them go out of their way to smoke directly in front of people. like no one wants to smell that shit, fuck off. the pricks even go out of their way to do it more around old people and children.

and then like at the bus stop i go to every week the entire area right next to this black fencing is just covered in fuckin' discarded butts and i hate it so much.

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