Why are so many smokers such inconsiderate jackasses? I'm generally in support of people being able to do whatever they want to their own bodies but sometimes it seems like the only way to stop these inconsiderate fucks from smoking and littering everywhere is to ban it.

@animeirl I don't care so muxn about the smoking itself, but the littering is disgusting

@lain theres cigarette butts fucking everywhere there's a bench in portland its fucking disgusting. the guy doing it at the cafe was straight up just throwing them on the floor by his table

@lain its also even less understandable now since vaping is so common. like i get it if you have a substance dependency but either clean up your shit or use something that doesn't cause you to leave litter everywhere you sack of shit

@louisoft01 @lain vaping is also significantly cheaper than cigarettes so you cant excuse people for being poor

@animeirl @lain I still don't get why people hate on vapers, I tried smoking a few times in high school and it's overated so I never realy did it again

@louisoft01 @lain 2 main reasons are, imo: smokers who feel like threatened/insulted/judged by it, and the fact that, especially in the early days, vapers tend to be pretty nerdy

@louisoft01 They’re definitely not taking it on prescription else they wouldn’t have so much of it.

@lain @1iceloops123 @animeirl
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