like if i wanted to live in a top 10 place (these are usually neoliberal hellscapes), i’d go live in california, man.

i consider Oklahoma being #1 in teenage pregnancy a feature, it means that housing prices will remain low.

@animeirl absolutely, but they are a "top 10" place by neoliberal metrics

@kaniini they're are probably other choices between neoliberal hellscape and depressing pits of despair in the Midwest. At least I hope there are.

@hector @animeirl i'd rather move to New Mexico honestly, but I need to save more money. my end goal is a nice compound out in the middle of nowhere.
@hector @animeirl i'm talking more northern new mexico in the blaine encampment. i want to own my own mesa.

@hector as much as I hate people, living in the middle of nowhere and having to drive constantly to do anything is unappealing

@animeirl @hector i like driving, and i like being able to do whatever i want.

@kaniini @hector
Automobiles are possibly the single most destructive human invention in history. Not a fan.

They're still pretty bad. Theres no possible way for using a 2 ton sure machine to move a single human around to be anything but incredibly inefficient and destructive. That's without even getting into their impact on urban planning, or the effect of roads on animal life. I mean it doesn't matter much what anyone does as an individual I guess. Still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

@animeirl @hector look, i've taken the bus. and let me tell you, fuck the bus.
@animeirl @hector public transit is a shitshow in the midwest, i've literally been offered crack and heroin just for sitting in the wrong spot on the bus. sorry, not sorry, but my car is non-negotiable.

Yeah like I said the Midwest is a hideous pit of despair

@animeirl @hector if i lived in a nice urban environment, like say, Boston, I would just take the trains everywhere. Boston trains are nice. Tulsa buses are filled with crackheads. I'm trying to live a crackhead-free lifestyle here, as is presumably, everyone else that is afforded that privilege.
@mrsaturday @hector @animeirl

yeah, it's a hell of a problem, i plan on leaving once i have a better financial position.
@kaniini @hector @animeirl I lived in BA for half a year, can confirm how awful the public transit system is there. Between that and the really nice beltway, there's no reason not to drive there.

The place combines the worst of the Midwest, South, and Southwest. It's kind of amazing. Hope you get out soon.
@mrsaturday @hector @animeirl

i'm patiently waiting for the gathering place to increase my property values to the point where i can sell and buy some proper land somewhere. when i bought in, i bought for $270k, now houses are selling for $1-1.5 million, so i just need to be patient another year or two and wait for a developer to buy me out.

Not from the Midwest but I grew up in a rural area with a lot of similar problems and Brent born there is easily the worst thing that ever happened to me. And I've had open heart surgery.

@kaniini @hector @animeirl in an environment like that i cannot blame you

⏪ does not have a car
@kaniini @animeirl ohhh I see. So not exactly the kind of investment opportunity you were hoping to encounter — on the bus at least.
@hector @animeirl i mean, heroin really isn't my drug of choice, and even if it were, all the fentanyl going around would make me steer clear anyway.
@kaniini @hector @animeirl heroine junkies want the fentanyl cus its like extra strong heroin, its the party drug idiots and crack heads dying from fentanyl mostly

@hector @kaniini
I had fentanyl in the hospital last year. Was pretty tight

@shit @hector @animeirl sure, but my point is the way to avoid fentanyl is to not buy from dodgy people on the bus ;)
@shit @kaniini @animeirl well yes but they're right, fentanyl is nothing to mess around with. One milligram too much and you're dead, simple as that.

@shit @hector @kaniini @animeirl

“its the party drug idiots and crack heads dying from fentanyl mostly”

And actual patients with huge pain who use too many plasters at once (according to “Dr. G. Medical Examiner”).

@kaniini @animeirl did you hear about the guy who kept running in front of the bus? Eventually he got tired.

@stevefoerster @kaniini @hector 1.3 million people are killed by automobiles each year plus at least 30,000 more directly from automobile related air pollution. an additional 50 million are injured by vehicles each year.

@animeirl @stevefoerster @hector fix the crackheads and make it possible for me to go wherever i want with public transit and i will get rid of my car

@kaniini @hector @stevefoerster this kind of self-centered thinking is why millions of animal species will soon be extinct forever and why modern civilization will not survive this century.

@animeirl @hector @stevefoerster don't care, i'll be dead within the next decade or two anyway.

@kaniini @hector @stevefoerster pure unadulterated narcissism. Do you really care about nothing except yourself?

@animeirl @hector @stevefoerster you're doing a great job of convincing me to buy a big huge diesel pickup and roll coal on priuses

@kaniini @hector @stevefoerster this reminds me of people like lauren southern who were like "people made me become a white nationalist by calling me racist"

@animeirl @hector @stevefoerster driving this is now #goals tbh -- but in all seriousness, shaming people for car ownership doesn't do the environmentalist movement any good. shame the automakers into pursuing sustainability instead.

@kaniini @hector @stevefoerster well, as I already said, "sustainable automobile" is an oxymoron so that's a dead end.

@kaniini @hector @stevefoerster @animeirl prius sales have tanked in recent years. you gotta roll coal on all us model 3 owners

if you can catch us :wink:
@kaniini @hector @stevefoerster @animeirl funny, the X is the lease reliable model because of how crazy complicated it is, but it's also the best IMO.

mass transit, police, violence 

mass transit, police, violence 

re: mass transit, police, violence 

mass transit, police, violence 

@animeirl @kaniini well if it's a mesa you can't even drive, you'd go over the cliff. Ambitious plan.
@animeirl @kaniini For most of us in #California, it is the real estate prices and over-regulation that makes it unbearable.
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