fun fact: climate change deniers have no value as human beings and should be executed for the good of everyone


same with anti-universal healthcare people as well. absolutely worthless subhuman degenerates

@animeirl pay me to kill anti climate change deniers so I don't get a lawsuit when I don't resuscitate them.
@animeirl this was English: FFS is a licensed doctor, they are required to resuscitate patients, because affordable healthcare. How do I kill climate change deniers then?

@ffs make sure to injure them in a way they cannot be revived from obviously

@animeirl that's cruel and unusual punishment, and I can get my license revoked. are you nuts?
@ffs @animeirl What kind of doctor are you? I need either a psychiatrist or endocrinologist. not sure which
@pox read TL FCA.
def. didn't study for those.
@animeirl true, but how do you really spot a climate change denier on the ER?
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