@DJWalnut fun fact: i was banned from twitter permanently for posting the image you're using as your avatar

@animeirl hence why it's my avatar. it's gained notoriety as of late. also, this happened https://youtu.be/kyEFBm-A77Q

I've actually ordered a teeshirt with that image on it. I'll update if I actually get ti made and delivered
@animeirl also, is it easy to get around permanent twitter bans?

@animeirl protonmail, riseup, cock.li are the best.

gmail for signing up to things.
gmx as an alternate to signing up for things.

hotmail and the like for plebs.

your-url.com for corps and official business

@tn5421 riseup is just regular email and is hosted in the US, right? I've been looking at protonmail and tutanota and am leaning towards tutanota right now since: open source client with downloadable app. Protonmail is hosted in Switzerland and Tutanota is hosted in Germany, both of which have relatively strong privacy law (Germany's are stronger now, but they're in the EU which could potentially change that)

@animeirl You have to be invited to get a riseup account, and they offer a lot more than just email

@tn5421 yeah. I'm aware. I'm specifically talking about email right now though and I don't think they're the best option since their servers are quite vulnerable to seizure due to being in the US

@animeirl I'd have to say protonmail then, since switzerland is as close to true neutral as it gets

@tn5421 I just wish their client was open source. end to end encryption is great, obviously, but without the ability to audit the code you don't know how secure it really is.

@tn5421 if you know anyone who could get me an invite to riseup for their other services i would be very interested though :bloblewd:

@animeirl Tutanova looks like a good alternative to protonmail on the surface. idk tho

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