glad "progressive" communities like resetera are out there defending the lgbt community by making sure games don't include trans or gender nonconforming bodies in them


its funny since so far cypberpunk 2077 looks like the first "real" cyberpunk in years. trans or gender nonconforming bodies being appropriated to sell products just like cis bodies are is exactly the kind of thing you'd expect to see in a gibson novel or blade runner had they been produced in the 2010s instead of the 1980s

@roka haven't looked at RPS but resetera losers are all mad about the mix it up ad

@roka @animeirl irks me how the person who wrote this did not bother to look up how the foreign developers name is spelled

@xeno @roka faux-woke libs are always incredibly racist if you take 2 minutes to look into it

@animeirl @roka i dont even want to bother with the content of that scrot on the off chance that its sensible within context so ill take the opportunity to mention that i find jokes about polish orthography ("szczcxcCsczcvxh") actually pretty insensitive, i dont like to see the core of my national identity belittled like that

The people complaining about it just have a huge hate boner against.
It only makes sense that in a world where body modifications are the norm, that the norm would include genitals.

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