Finally got around to finishing stranger things 3 and holy shit that was bad.

@CocoCoconuts season 2 wasnt terrible though. Season 3 is almost a parody of the original show. There's no longer any real horror or mystery elements. It's just an extremely dumb action adventure with a gross looking evil monster that none of the characters are even particularly disturbed by.

@animeirl @CocoCoconuts i liked season 2 because in season 1 there was no reason for eleven to exist. she did absolutely nothing except deus ex machina the monster at the end and i couldn't stand it

@torts @CocoCoconuts they ignored all the backstory stuff she had in season 3 so enjoy her just being there again.

@torts @CocoCoconuts season 3 is basically to season 1 as aliens is to alien except way dumber and less exciting than aliens and instead of aliens the enemy is the thing but if the thing never interacted with any important characters until the very end when it was just a big flesh monster and all the shapeshifting stuff only happens to unimportant or unnamed characters.

@animeirl @CocoCoconuts sounds like shit. damn i should watch the thing again


@CocoCoconuts @torts oh also the human antagonists this time is a secret Russian base that was somehow built in Hawkins under a mall full of Russian soldiers that also has no security cameras

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