@animeirl there was an old lady on my street in Pittsburgh that would put out parking chairs even tho there were no houses on the other side of the road. This cryptkeeper looking asshole called the cops one when someone moved her chair

No idea where you live. In #CZ people actually ask me if it's OK to park in front of my house (of course it's OK, it's a public road!) and I've developed the habit of asking myself or just finding somewhere else to park.

Seems like a lot of unnecessary aggro (from both sides) in your corner of the woods.

@0 people generally just park where there's space. In a residential neighborhood any street parking is going to be in front of someone's house so you can't really just park somewhere else since it will potentially have the same issues

@animeirl is it weird I like the person that stabs 3 tires and walks away?
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