@jotaku it seems to have a good reputation for reliability (which is important) and of the handguns I've gotten a chance to shoot I liked it the best. Plus the popularity of the Glock 19 means lots of aftermarket support. I also thought about the M&P 2.0 Compact but no one I know has one so I ended up going with what I already know I'm okay with shooting.

@animeirl Good reasons! I honestly don't know where to start but I've been thinking about getting my first handgun a lot recently.

@jotaku Glock 19, M&P9 2.0 Compact and CZ P10C seem to be the "jack of all trades" pistols I see brought up most often. There's a decent chance I will get something smaller if I start concealed carrying on a daily basis, but smaller guns are considerably less comfortable to shoot/harder to control. so I wanted something a little easier to learn with while still somewhat practical if I do feel the need to concealed carry. Bigger or all metal handguns are easier to control from my limited experience but they're also less practical for carrying and I want that to be an option.

@animeirl@social.homunyan.co I'm dumb and very attracted to revolvers so I was thinking a .38 special for my first. It's cheap and easy to conceal and there's something very satisfying about revolvers, even though I acknowledge a 9mm is a much more practical handgun.

@jotaku don't really know anything about revolvers. One of the people I shoot with has a snubnosed revolver for concealed carry which was very concealable but painful to fire. Admittedly I'm sure it's easier to control with practice.

@animeirl yeah, I get that they aren't practical but there's something about the mechanics of them that just fascinates me.

@animeirl buy a good cover to protect it and a good cloth to clean it :ancap: 👍 🔫 🇺🇸

Be careful of leftists, now.
They seem to hate it when someone can defend themselves.

@camedei456 liberals tend to be more likely to be antigun than people further to the left in my experience. A lot of people would still like to believe we live in a society where you'll never be in a situation where you need to defend your own life but I don't think that's very realistic.

Then again, the same liberals that fight for the lack of guns are either gated off from everyone else or "stars" with guards.
Basically, elites are wanting the common folk to be defenseless. Do they fear an angry public, perhaps?

@camedei456 some of them definitely do but I think a fair number of them are just assholes living in gated communities who cannot/will not comprehend the circumstances of anyone who doesn't live in a gated community with a private security force.

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