Massive rise in support for fascism and white supremacy in all levels of US government so let's use a bill written by diane feinstein to disarm the civillian population! Very cool! Very Leftist!!! Way to go, bernie!!!

@animeirl when they came for the ar-15 I didn't protest, because I wasn't an ar-15
@animeirl eh, he's still alive or did they replace him with a lizard person wearing Sanders' corpse as a meatsuit?

@roka dunno if hes just an idiot or if he thinks tonguing nancy pelosi's cunt will help him get elected

@animeirl when are your elections? Our parliamentary ones are in 31 days and 7 hours

@roka general election isn't for over a year but election season in america lasts like 2 years now because everyone is insane

@animeirl ours never ended, they had polls every month. It was pretty cool to be able to corroborate data changes with timeline of events and whatever astroturfed outrage attempt opposition tried.
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