@thatbrickster it's a sausage roll. what do you people expect?
@kaniini In a world where Papa John's and other places with vegan options are serving non-vegan food when they run out of what the customer actually asked for, yeah it's too much.

@thatbrickster @seasharp

if i were a vegan and that happened to me, i would just charge back
@kaniini Imagine having a dairy allergy and being served cheese by Pizza Hut despite being asked three times if the pizza they were preparing had cheese on it. You'd want to do more than charge back.

@thatbrickster @seasharp

if i had a dairy allergy, i wouldn't bother with ordering a pizza.

@kaniini @thatbrickster @seasharp

My dad ordered pizza regularly, but he always specified ‘no cheese’ and verified before letting the delivery person go that there was no cheese on his pizza.

(He was outright allergic to lactose, not just lactose-intolerant, though.)

@Aerdan My brother used to order pizza with no cheese. Not allergic but as he was an early-ish adopter of veganism there weren't the options.

I should also note that most people in the world are lactose-intolerant, we're special because of a gene mutation that persist the production of lactase.

@kaniini @seasharp
@thatbrickster @Aerdan @kaniini brickster is there any key vegan talking point about which youre *not* extremely informed?
@seasharp I'd like to think that there's a lot I don't know. For example, I'm not very good at recalling the literature when discussing it with others.

In the end, I have my reasons to be vegan and I have no right to tell you how to live. Vegans that do that are no friends of mine.

@Aerdan @kaniini
@thatbrickster @seasharp @Aerdan

likewise, i don't have issues with vegans as long as they mind their own business and don't tell me about how superior they are because they are vegan
@kaniini @thatbrickster @Aerdan @seasharp "I don't have a problem with activists when they don't do activism."
@kaikatsu @Aerdan @seasharp @thatbrickster

there are good kinds of activism and bad kinds of activism. i don't have any issue with vegans getting vegan products in the market. i do have issue with vegans harassing random people for not being vegan.
@kaikatsu @Aerdan @seasharp @thatbrickster

case in point: if you want to eliminate livestock agriculture, work on synthetic meat production instead. the person who can make a synthetic steak (which is surely possible, as we see with the impossible burger) will likely get a nobel prize.
@animeirl @Aerdan @kaniini @kaikatsu @thatbrickster @seasharp Impossible burgers are quite alright. Slightly lower sticktogetheritude than beef. Goid taste. More juicy than most fake-meat burgers. (I think they have fake hem?)
@clacke Impossible Burger patties contain heme, questionable as it's tested on rodents.

I recently tried a Beyond Meat patty and it made me scared to think that I could be duped if I ever asked for it.

@animeirl @Aerdan @kaniini @kaikatsu @seasharp

@thatbrickster @clacke @kaikatsu @kaniini @Aerdan @seasharp the original beyond meat patties were a decent imitation of the texture, they recently made some new kind though that are absolutely vile

@animeirl Admittedly the patties I had were a couple of months old. No idea if they've changed over here and I don't see anything at first sight about changes.

@clacke @kaikatsu @kaniini @Aerdan @seasharp
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