I mean it's kinda their fault too

They should have asked around about what would most likely happen

Maybe they did but didn't expect them to destroy the house, uh :think_bread:
Implying there was any difference before

You're either a boomer or a boomer gave you that idea, which one is it?
It's the kind of silly thing a boomer would say

"Back in my day!" Same crap
You do realize that the context is wildly different now days right?

I don't really think that the political practices from 2 centuries ago would be of any use now:blind_cirno:

@Elfie you said police have always existed and were always the same.

Because in modern society they have, there are no good or bad cops just cops and there is no realistic possibility to replace cops at least I don't see it
@Elfie @animeirl The equivalent of cops is worse the further you go back in history

I know a lot of right wing people (and I guess, also left wing people) call the police nothing more than "armed mafia thugs" but that really *was* what town guards were, just paid killers by the local lord and usually were trained more for a military response than any kind liaison between state and civilian

I mean, back then people were pretty desensitized to violence as well, if someone got stabbed for fighting the town guard it would just be free entertainment, not talk about police brutality
I completely forgot that, this user complains about police when way back it was worse, there was no ethical or moral approach to anything much less trials

You're complying because you're comfortable, wonder who's keeping you safe...

By the way good morning mum :blobheartcat:

@Elfie @animeirl There were still some forms of trials, depending on when and where, but even in the 17-19th century they were not exactly fair and didn't account for anything other than the events that occurred rather than taking into context why they had, like modern trials

I still wouldn't cooperate with the police if it didn't involve me though, I'm just also not stupid enough to think that removing the police would solve any problems since most of the things people complain about have nothing to do with them but rather how the justice system works in general

but yeah, iirc this is opal, and they're pretty dumb so d/w about it
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