Whenever I get mad that I live in the US I can always remember at least I don't live in the UK

@animeirl At least in Canada you can carry bear spray ffs.
@kaikatsu @animeirl These guys broke into this old guys house a couple years ago and the guy tried to defend himself from their attacks and he was arrested, was only after so much public protest that he was let go
@Olivia @animeirl Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Break in and you getting some lead filling.
@kaikatsu @animeirl Which is only because of a loophole, you're not supposed to use it for self defense. If you just so happen to be worried about a bear attack and just so happen to use it in self defense against a human, then maybe the court might consider it reasonable force. Or maybe you get arrested for hurting the innocent rapist or murderers eyes.
@astolfo @animeirl Again, better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. You can also carry a knife, which obviously you can't legally use in self defense, but you can at least have it on your person.

@kaikatsu @astolfo pretty cool how the modern centrist liberal stance on self defense is that you never need to defend yourself because crime doesnt' happen or something

@animeirl @astolfo Bro just call the police and use the 10 minute waiting time minimum (if they even arrive) to debate your attacker using facts and logic.
@kaikatsu @animeirl All police are insane trigger happy racist, homophobic, misogynistic baby murderers, but you can trust them to defend you. Why would you ever need a gun, only the police deserve those.

@astolfo @kaikatsu idk the law in Canada, but if it's anything like the US, the police don't even have any duty to protect individuals on paper. A cop can stand over you laughing as you bleed to death and he's still doing his job properly according to the law.

@animeirl @astolfo The police exists to protect government, nothing more, nothing less.

@kaikatsu @astolfo on paper their job is to protect social stability by "enforcing the law" which means arresting people who (may) have broken the law. There's nothing about protecting people or even preventing crimes from happening. In practice they don't even have to do that except in instances where it is to protect the state (and in liberal democracies, capital)

@animeirl "at least I'm not british" is the original "at least I'm not anthony burch"
@animeirl I have a UV marker spray that gives off a stench that irritates the nose. It's legal according to Vestguard, a government contractor.

@animeirl lol how is that self defense. what happens when someone responds to the alarm, who also can't do anything

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