@animeirl the emotional labour thing is pushed much, much too far.

@lain @animeirl

- people hear cool new term that describes something they were aware of but didn't have a term for, term is now perceived as "insightful" or "apt"
- those people now use it when they have the chance
- rinse and repeat, term becomes popular
- people with poor grasp of language use it in situations where it doesn't quite fit
- word gets overused, people literally get tired of it (you see what I did there?) and usually it becomes unfashionable

@animeirl @lain lol, I was able to see this before, so something is definitely going haywire.

@lain reminds me of the fad a year ago of people calling everything they disagreed with "virtue signalling"

As far as I know, they are just simple minded. Most of their actions are based on just a fer irrational yet basic concepts.

But no matter how much research I di, I just cannot put a finger on either why is it so attractive to them, where do they get these concepts or how could they have accepted even a single one of them.

@animeirl i want to cancel this person for taking the emotional labor of reading their dumb ass tweet they made from me

@animeirl (since they dont believe in universal healthcare i expect them to be able to pay my ridiculously expensive healthcare costs for treating the damage i took from reading their tweet)

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