@thatbrickster @animeirl in the us they were spreading the rumor that masks didn't just not help, but made it worse, lol

@cocococonuts I feel slightly better for getting the first memo of 'DO NOT WEAR MASKS THEY ARE INEFFECTIVE' but not the second one where it said actually they are.

Not sure how to feel about the US becoming a 'socialist' country now.

@thatbrickster @CocoCoconuts more likely to become a fascist country. that is clearly the preference of the leadership of both parties

I live in Singapore and most prop don't wear masks here. What really matters is the other measures they take, such as extensive contact tracing and ensuring people who has been in exposed to anyone with the virus are isolated at home.

The number of cases have been rising lately, with a lot of them being caused by people returning from overseas. Recently they make everybody returning from the UK and US to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks to ensure they don't interact with their family members during that time.
@animeirl @CocoCoconuts

@loke I agree that other measures are more effective at stemming the transmission rate. I'd like to think the main mask users look after people who are either vulnerable or who already have it.

@animeirl @cocococonuts

@thatbrickster @loke @CocoCoconuts the incubation period is up to 21 days so anyone could have it which is why everyone should be wearing masks

Sure. I'm not saying it's useless. I was merely commenting on the implication that wearing masks means that you solve the problem. Even if one wants to make that statement, Singapore is not a good evidence in favour of it. I was just at a mall, and it was quite crowded as usual and I'd guess about 10% were wearing masks.

The number of cases here are rising, like in most countries, and it's possible that more mask wearing would have helped reduce that. I'm not sure it's possible to say.
@thatbrickster @CocoCoconuts

@thatbrickster @animeirl
Well, we have wearing masks ordered by the government. But we are a dumb nation aswell, so no surprise there.

@LukeAlmighty @thatbrickster from what I've seen the CDC is still telling people not to wear masks "unless they're sick" lol

@animeirl @thatbrickster Nah, fuck that. At least I can feel 10% safer when everyone around me covers their mouth...

BTW: My mask is pink :AsukaSmug:

@LukeAlmighty @thatbrickster yeah they're lying. you should obviously wear a mask if you can find one

@animeirl @thatbrickster

And if you cannot, you can use the most badass alternative there is.

And btw, this comes from the smartest place in the nation. Even I am too dumb for that place...


@thatbrickster @animeirl followed by:

"We're very different countries, so that's why"
You can also draw asia and not asia. The situation is a bit more complex then mask or not mask. Culture, respect of other people... and so many things that make every country a different place.
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