Anyone got suggestions for somewhere with a stable government, and strong social safety net that are feasible for an American Software Engineer to move to after this covid19 shit dies down a little?

@eal aren't they totally fucking up the covid19 response right now? guess we'll have to see how things are afterwards

@kaikatsu @animeirl or germany

we're not doing quite as well as the PRC in terms of containing the rona, but we're doing better than most of europe, and of the european nations we're probably in the best position to survive long-term thanks to our minimal dependency on globalization (most of our food is grown here, and our distribution networks are built on electrified rail) & strong central government that the citizens trust (despite Merkel's best efforts). also we just got de facto UBI (for citizens only ofc, but citizenship is generally a lot easier to attain in Europe than in the US)

china's gonna be better off than us in the long term ofc, our standard of living will probably drop significantly post-rona and idk what the economy will look like by then, but i think we'll be okay at least until the oil crash
@animeirl define feasible. Switzerland is still great, so is Iceland, Netherlands, etc.. But get ready to wait 5 years anyways, unless you're anarcho enough not to give two shits.
@velartrill @kaikatsu
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