This is apparently who thinks should help decide their community and safety standards lol

@kaniini she thinks public voice chat should be removed from competitive videogames and also apparently streams furry fetish stuff on her channel

@kaniini for background: twitch announced a new "safety advisory council" today and the woman with dyed hair in the video is one of the members.

@animeirl @kaniini oh so they’re just filling some bullshit positions with “marginalized” groups for PR

nothing to see here, move along

@animeirl I mean I agree with removing voice chat tbh, all it is, is mainly stupid 12 year old kids trying to talk shit but failing miserably

@kaniini it's pretty important for team play in competitive games (and some coop content like MMO raids as well). Just removing it isn't the solution. Also "remove voice chat" is peak silicon valley techbro mindset of trying to engineer your way out of a social/cultural problem

@kaniini @animeirl And what about voice chat in stuff like VRChat where it's distance+room bound?

@lanodan @kaniini her opinion is that doesn't matter since muting people in vrchat doesn't put you at a gameplay disadvantage

@lanodan @kaniini her argument is that since muting assholes in competitive games can put you at a competitive disadvantage, competitive games should just not have voice chat

@animeirl @kaniini tbh that makes sense to me but I just don't play the kind of game where this shit could happen too much.

@animeirl @lanodan @kaniini and her opinion matters why? she’s just the token trans community rep. who else would they even pick for that position

@mia @animeirl @lanodan trans furry who... from what I can gather from that video... has some sort of cognitive deficit. checks all the boxes

@kaniini @mia @lanodan seems less like a cognitive deficit and more just weird sexual proclivities combined with stunted social development which seems fairly common with trans people to be quite honest

@mia @animeirl @kaniini @lanodan especially those who waste hours on streaming games or watching streams of games
@roka @mia @animeirl @lanodan hmm, if we are talking those random twitch streamers, I agree, but watching a game dev, demoscener or speedrunner play through a game can be interesting due to commentary
@animeirl yeah agreed, i've seen that kind of shit a *lot.* it's one of the main reasons i stay the hell away from that crowd. back when i was still part of the queer community i got a lot of unwanted sexual attention from them and had to be very cold & forceful about asserting boundaries, not that it stopped them from trying to erode them anyway
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