@animeirl unless you mean the idea that biological sex is a coherent category, which like, I dunno if I'd describe that as a mental illness so much as a mental framework malfunction

@amsomniac the idea biological sex is a social construct is completely absurd and delusional

@amsomniac That's not to say there isn't room for debate on what "biological sex" actually is. There's debate on most scientific ideas, but that doesn't mean they're an arbitrary social construct

@animeirl I think it's like, if I get a form that says "sex", what are they asking? usually it's gender-- they don't want my phenotype or karyotype or w/e

@animeirl god, i really wonder if poe’s law even applies to these clowns

part of me wants to construct a point around “are you also denying the suffering of trans people” and lead them around until they declare themselves out of existence, but it’s 5am; i really only got up because i was thirsty and this already has me tired enough to head straight back to bed

@mia this wouldn't actually work because a lot of these people don't believe in gender dysphoria or whatever

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