im starting to think cyberpunk 2077 might be bad guys

@maxy_ozzy It's a few things. The interviews about crunch also revealed what sounds like some pretty incompetent management. Then there was one of the higher ups saying the game isn't political (cyberpunk is inherently a hyper-political genre lol) also the latest night city wire is pretty bad. Apparently it's also in the source material, but internal combustion engine cars in a setting where there are cybernetic limbs with a year long battery life is some comically shitty worldbuilding lmao

@animeirl Interesting. I hope it doesn't disappoint everyone tho. It'd be very very...upsetting. I'm not as anticipated for this game as much as everyone else, I'd hate to say, I'm more excited to play Assassin's Creed: Valhalla more than this. That's just me. It's gonna be a total clustercuss if Cyberpunk ends up a disappointment for everyone. This game has been revealed to the world since 2013. It might just end up being the next Duke Nukem Forever or Too Human.

@maxy_ozzy a ton of people are gonna like it regardless. At worst it'll end up like bioshock infinite where everyone loudly tries to convince themselves it's the best game of all time for a month and then decides to never talk or think about it ever again.

@maxy_ozzy also it will get great reviews no matter what since the most important things for reviewers are, in order:

1. Expected public reception
2. Marketing quantity and quality
3. Production Value
4. Graphical complexity (not the style, just how hard it pushes the GPU)
5. Anything actually about the game

@animeirl Unless the game ends up a broken unplayable piece of cuss, yea. I can see that.

@maxy_ozzy It'll probably be somewhat buggy but I don't think it will be totally broken. And it still might be great! I am just acknowledging that both the public and critical reception will have basically nothing to do with the actual game

@sean it could still be great ive just been noticing some red flags lately

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