Fun fact 5: Linux distros still haven't figured out a way to close applications when they're updated, causing weird, unexpected errors when a currently running program is upgraded. Fedora has recently come up with a "work around" for this problem by simply forcing you to reboot your computer twice every time any program is updated!

@animeirl That has never happened to me on Slackware. That said, I don't run anything except upgradepkg while updating. I fail to see why anyone would want to run anything else at that moment.

@josemanuel Larger applications that have shared components will get errors (if there are breaking changes in said components).

Never happened to me.
I can update and still use a software will it get updated. The next time I launch it the updated version will be loaded.

@mangeurdenuage if it relies on shared components you will get errors. This is why real operating systems close the application when it is updated

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