whats with some trans people and coating their belongings in aggressively bad stickers that are all exclusively about being gay and/or trans?

>act like a normal person
>having genuine conversation
>mention something about transitioning or being gay
>get treated differently
>people bring it up
>never able to act like a normal person around them again
the winning move is not to play, just tell them you're weird before even opening your mouth

@why i guess it just comes across as using the fact you're gay or trans or whatever as a substitute for a personality in some cases

@animeirl Everyone's personality is [demographic] until you get to know them. You'll never get to know twitter NPCs or token pedowood characters, so they come off like that.
@why @animeirl True but I have known people who's only personality is being gay/trans and its quite excruciating. You can only take so many months of every attempt at conversation being "I'm gay" jokes
@vriska @why @animeirl Shoutout to consumer culture for making people want to be the persona of a label and nothing else
@kaikatsu @vriska @animeirl thinking about dropping my love for dreamcast and hopping over to being a duct tape fanatic

@why idk i guess its kind of like otaku who have a bunch of imagery for their hobby like logos, characters, slogans, etc (using the term broadly to mean any interest, not just anime/videogame) which can also be kinda cringe sometimes but at least that's broadcasting something about their interests and personality instead of just IM GAY/TRANS/POLY

@why @animeirl i guess its like saying your autisitc too or have a disability
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