@animeirl for a fleeting moment there i thought i was looking at a strainer full of leeches
@animeirl It is never too many! Try preserving them, that might be fun

@Tepid_Tapir yeah thats what im gonna do i think, have you done it before? Do you have a recipe you like?

@animeirl pickle them, pickled peppers are the shit. I should go back to growing peppers

@animeirl For hot peppers (would work with non-hot ones if you add some spicyness yourself) I do 1 cup of white vinegar, 0.5 cup of apple vinegar, 1.5 cup of water, around 1 cup of sugar, 1 tbsp of salt (thing with salt is that pickling salt is very fine, so if you use a more "thick" type of salt use slightly more to compensate, as for type of salt any salt with no additives will do) for brine. I also add 2 large garlic cloves (will release its taste faster if minced first) per jar, I do 900ml jars.

Simmer water, vinegar, salt and sugar until salt and sugar dissolve then let it cool. You can add sugar to the brine in parts, checking if brine is sweet enough to your taste after each part. Slice the peppers however you like them, remove the seeds if you want, put them in a jar and just pour the cooled brine over them. They should be ready to eat after about 12 hours in fridge but in my opinion it's best to leave them there for at least 24 hours. You can pickle whole peppers but it will take a lot longer for them to develop taste (never did them that way, I'd guess at least week or two?). They taste great with grilled meats and you can also blend them to get a decent hot sauce.

At this vinegar to water ratio it should be fine to keep jars in room temperature without any canning, but I'd just keep them in fridge, that'd make them last theoretically indefinitely. I'd also make a small batch first if it's your first time pickling, to not waste all the peppers if you don't enjoy how they turned out, and tweak proportions if needed. They are quite flexible as long as you keep things acidic.

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