cast iron is the worst material for cookware. change my mind

@animeirl don't worry about it let's work backwards and try to find out the source of your issues

question one are you using a gas or electric stovetop?
@animeirl ah that's the first problem, electric stovetops blow ass but you gotta work with what you got. chances are your skillet is not getting hot enough

you have two options: let it heat up longer (like twice as long as you think you need), or get a standalone induction burner. the heat distribution properties of cast iron make it worth it

the only other thing that trips people up with cast iron is seasoning the pan. I'd recommend Alton Brown's video on how to do this

@FBICatgirl ive looked up how to season it but everything still sticks to it like glue, maybe it's not hot enough

@FBICatgirl getting back to the original topic though. if you have a gas stove, why not just use carbon steel? seems like basically the same thing except it doesn't take forever to heat up or cool down

@animeirl dunno never tried it. might be good for searing but if I recall correctly, even heat distribution requires a material that retains heat well (hence slow to heat, slow to cool)

I suppose it's possible for a material to distribute the heat directly from the source in a highly efficient manner, maybe carbon steel solves that
@FBICatgirl @animeirl cast iron is better at searing thicker cuts of meat, like a large steak. the thickiIron has a higher heat capacity than the smaller amount of carbon steel, and in a cast pan there is more of it. So when you throw that hunk of meat in, it will take longer to cool the iron pan under it than the steel and you'll get more thermal energy for the Maillard reaction

Carbon steel pans can still do thick cuts of meat of course, but may result in larger bands of overcooked meat near the outside of the cut in exchange for a similarly cooked center. They excel at thinner cuts of meat- since they are more conductive they more readily give up the thermal energy they have stored in addition to a more even heating profile. This is why carbon steel woks kick ass


At least it doesn't contain forever chemicals that causes cancer and who knows what other ailments.

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