sounds like the deep state got the creator of the fgc-9

@animeirl feds seem to be really bothered by 3d printed guns, way more than just plain old violent crime that happens all the time for some reason

@Moon this was the germans, though i suppose the CIA is involved everywhere


@Moon he got raided by the authorities, they apparently found nothing. then a couple days later he was found dead in his car of a alleged heart attack

@animeirl is germany capable of doing that anymore, yeah I wouldn't put it past the american govt though cody wilson was really obviously set up with an underaged honeytrap

@Agrandmaster @Moon 9mm semiauto rifle you can make with a 3d printer and off the shelf components (no actual firearm parts required)

@animeirl @Moon

Wow so then, that would enable Australians, others under slavery to get free, so obviously the Intel agencies would want to stop that...since they are anti-freedom and pro slavery.

@Agrandmaster @Moon the designer of this gun also had a guide on how to acquire/manufacture ammo in the EU

@Moon @animeirl

Maybe the shells for the ammo could be 3d printed also... somehow you would need to insert the powder however...

@Agrandmaster @Moon yes, I believe he also wrote a guide on how to acquire ammunition in the EU as well

@animeirl @Moon

Oh, the maker of the gun informed people how to get ammo in the EU.... i see.... That depends on how you define "no actual firearm parts". If you mean "no parts legally considered a firearm", then yes. If you mean "no parts which are part of a conventional firearm, and not 3D printable", then very much no. It uses a conventional AR15 fire control group, conventional barrel, buffer tube and spring and so on

@wolfie @Moon @Agrandmaster it uses a pipe that you rifle yourself and an airsoft fire control group Maybe we were looking at different things, but when I just looked it up there was no mention of airsoft parts. Can't imagine those would last too long under actual conditions

@wolfie @Moon @Agrandmaster not as long as the real thing but at this point some models can last a few thousand rounds Though, I can also see it costing nearly as much if not more than the "real thing", which makes me wonder at the point

@wolfie @animeirl @Moon

Because in some places like Australia, the population have been disarmed and are being abused... by printing the guns...they could fight back in theory at least...
Sure, but sometimes there are simpler ways to accomplish things that don't require either great luck or exotic high end polymers.

I'll direct you towards the concept and operational use of the FP-45 Liberator.

That said, there are probably better ways to try and sort those problems than trying to 3D print an armory

@animeirl @wolfie @Moon

That would be enough for Australians to put-up a hell of a fight if they each printed one...LoL.

@animeirl @wolfie @Agrandmaster probably only need a few good rounds anyway to accomplish something useful with it

@Moon @wolfie @Agrandmaster i mean in the right circumstances you can use a pipe zip gun and a shotgun shell to ambush a cop/troop and then get a real firearm, but 3d printer guns are still interesting, even if it just ends up being a weird hobby

@animeirl @Moon @wolfie

Since the Australian crowds out-number the cops, they could do that to get guns...

@animeirl @wolfie @Moon @Agrandmaster
Negative, the carbine uses an AR 15 fire control unit, and a factory milled barrel. There are variations of the same fgc style but for airsoft and paintball.

@netwebindustries @wolfie @Moon @Agrandmaster deterrence dispensed has directions on how to make your own barrel and use an airsoft fcg

@animeirl that you will not get a 1000 rounds out of, and electrolysis production of a barrel is a bitch.

@wolfie @animeirl @Moon

So you cannot completely 3d print the need to buy some of the parts... Depends on the tech used to 3D print it, but generally speaking, in my opinion, you can't fully 3D print something that would remotely compare to an actual firearm. One would probably be better off just building up an AK receiver or whatever, since those don't require complex machining. Alternatively, depending on country, spare parts for most guns can be acquired pretty easily leaving only the receiver to come up with. Thus, an AR isn't too hard to just build using mostly conventional methods

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