sounds like the deep state got the creator of the fgc-9

@animeirl feds seem to be really bothered by 3d printed guns, way more than just plain old violent crime that happens all the time for some reason

@Moon this was the germans, though i suppose the CIA is involved everywhere

@Moon he got raided by the authorities, they apparently found nothing. then a couple days later he was found dead in his car of a alleged heart attack

@animeirl is germany capable of doing that anymore, yeah I wouldn't put it past the american govt though cody wilson was really obviously set up with an underaged honeytrap

@Agrandmaster @Moon 9mm semiauto rifle you can make with a 3d printer and off the shelf components (no actual firearm parts required)

@animeirl @Moon

Wow so then, that would enable Australians, others under slavery to get free, so obviously the Intel agencies would want to stop that...since they are anti-freedom and pro slavery.

@Agrandmaster @Moon the designer of this gun also had a guide on how to acquire/manufacture ammo in the EU

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