people rightfully shit on npm but pip/pypa is 1000x worse in every conceivable way.

Why do we need language-specific package managers again?

@tomas because we don't have language-unspecific package managers that work

@tomas from an installation perspective, not from a publishing perspective. thats why there are so many packages missing for most languages

@animeirl @tomas Perhaps easy publishing is the cause of all the problems?

@zash @tomas in the case of pip, 90% of the problems are with pip itsself, not packages so in this particular case, at least, no.

@animeirl @zash If only there existed some package manager already, for which one could set up repositories with publishing procedures that are to ones liking 🤔
@tomas @animeirl I'm thinking that separation of system package management and user package management can be sensible.
When was the last time you tried to install a .deb into your ~?

@tomas @zash you seem to think there is one that satisfies all these problems but there really isn't

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