@torts a lot of the pronoun shit going on these days is part of the same school of thought

@torts i forget what its called but there's a whole segment of activism that suggests changing vocabulary will somehow change the culture. it's self-evidently false, but they wont give up.

apparently its supposed to be more "inclusive" to trans women which is pretty lol. nothing more inclusive than saying "women" isn't an inclusive enough label for transwomen to belong

lol apparently the portland women's march is now called the "womxn's march" so... hard fucking pass from me folks

@bram python is a whole is a total ux disaster in terms of debugging

@torts there are some development tasks that will scale with hours worked (up until the employee has burnout) but most of the important tasks do not

warren hot take. 

@Deiru oh yeah I remember that now. I forgot dooku was his real name lol

really really really really really really squick 

racism, uspol, warren 

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