@thatbrickster they were both targeted but yes 1984 is more broadly applicable

@thatbrickster nah he was disillusioned with the USSR, 1984 and animal farm were both part of his crusade to try to keep future leftist movements from repeating the USSR. unfortunately I don't think enough lefties have taken his writing to heart. alan moore is like a left anarchist but his comics kinda suck imo

@thatbrickster i like the part where he talks about how marvel movies are for babies but also Joker is a great piece of art for Adults lmao

@thatbrickster also i love how both he and alex jones will rant about the evils of communism and then seconds later talk about how great george orwell and alan moore are

now this infowars guy is just ranting about communism meaning you dont have a soul or something, boring

@thatbrickster now its a commercial from alex jones advertising bumper stickers by telling you not to put them on your car if you live in a "blue area" because "they will go psychotic" and murder you

@thatbrickster no actually, china is instead using genetic engineering to create human robot supersoldiers that will pollute the human gene pool

@lain i hope they're going back to the truly cooky shit instead of just sucking trump's dick

i went to infowars and they're talking about how the biggest threat to humanity is "space weather"

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