Imagine being so brain-damaged that it took you until halfway through season 2 to realize The Boys is making a political statement

thank god the smoke is finally gone now i can go back to just worrying about the horribly mismanaged deadly plague, the crazed cultist militias, fascist police state, and living in a country run by a mentally retarded dictator

@twitter I also want to limit lead exposure. If I ever move in to a place with a garage I'll probably get into reloading, but until then I'm probably already already getting enough lead from cleaning guns on the coffee table in my living room

@twitter i dont do reloading or anything because i dont have anywhere to safely do it

I wonder if the lib avengers instance is literally run by the Biden campaign

@georgespolitzer it is, but it's also funny that the way to manage his diabetes is apparently to just do exactly what a koala would be doing anyway

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