@velartrill idk i think that might still be the people who donated thousands of dollars to solar freakin' roadways

absolutely no way this will be abused to fuck over poor people and minorities

@Elizafox all these single threaded global interpreter lock bullshit languages suck and have been obsolete for decades

@clacke @rok0 @Moon depends on the person, I guess. Some people work fulltime jobs and do a shitload of hobby stuff, some stay away from any sort of tech projects outside of work, and others become those 10x engineer psychos who just work 12 hours a day. I still do a fair amount of hobby stuff, but less than i probably would if my job was completely unrelated.

@rok0 @Moon there are pros and cons. i do way less hobby computer stuff than i used to, since when you do tech stuff for 8 hours you kind of want to do something else when you get home. on the other hand getting paid six figures is pretty nice, and getting challenges given to me by other people forced me to learn cool stuff i wouldn't have on my own, plus, especially when i worked at a giant corporation with unlimited money, i got to play with cool toys a single person can't afford.

@lain they should remove any tv than has or references black people just to be safe.

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