memes were invented by 4chan. i know because some altright guy told me

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It's cool that Samsung will sell, and people will buy, a $1000 USD phone that has a gigantic hole i n the screen

@guizzy bummer. live resin and co2 distillate are good shit

@guizzy if you're able, try concentrates. best of both worlds

The Battle Royale genre is just taking a bunch of glaringly bad design decisions and then claiming you did it on purpose

@trouble this seems like they're exploiting the dolphins for free labor

@mono good. since anyone against bernard is clearly an antisemite just like anyone against hilary hated women

It's 2019 and Bernie Sanders is still the only rational choice for US president.

@Ocean @lain @Olivia the switch actually does have a minimal web browser for logging in to captive portals and it works fine. However for whatever reason you have to sit at the "connecting" screen for like 5 minutes before it will open it.

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