@omanreagan no see the non-binding advisory opinion is binding somehow. they HAVE to not pass the minimum wage increase for reasons

gonna continue being a leftist while also getting really into options trading

remember when someone tried to make a sexual consent blockchain

@thor anarcho capitalism is just libertarianism while suffering from a full on psychotic break

i bought a cryptocurrency hardware wallet does that mean im a libertarian now

it was like wtf you can just go buy a giant plate of meat to eat for lunch??? and its good??? im p sure before that my experiences with meat heavy food were like mcdonalds or overcooked sysco steaks

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Before I went to college the only kind of foods i knew about were "regular food" "chinese" and "mexican" and regular food was mostly like my parents terrible bland hippy food. The first time I went to a hawaiian bbq place blew my mind

CG animation is another way of making modern media more disposable. Television cartoons from the 40s still look good, but even a big budget CG film from just a decade ago looks weird and creepy when viewed today.

Cancelled for Amplifying Narratives that Undermine Faith in NATO

Homebrew's build of pip somehow causes macOS Catalina and Big Sur to hang and kernel panic on shutdown/reboot if it is run.

Apples really need to improve their interaction design. Currently getting destroyed by the likes of Bananas, Mandarin Oranges, and Grapes

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