@roka carl is one of the least intelligent people ive ever seen

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Reminder the collective noun for shrimps is "troupe"

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okay guys i hate to say it but we need to speed up our peertube plans like by at least 700% because i can not handle seeing things like this for much longer

@crushv hmm, not sure I agree. IRC has a high learning curve and isn't really usable on mobile devices without an external service to keep it connected and XMPP has an even bigger dearth of clients than Matrix, especially multiplatform ones.

@kumatora hi, do you have any questions? I might be able to help

@Sapphaos shouldn't be, im not sure if mastodon properly retries if you try to add a relay when it's down. if you haven't already, try removing and readding. might get mastodon to try reconnecting

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Cartoons promote ideas of accepting people and being nice? How fucking they dare.

Literally every media is trying to raise a faithful consumer base for Cola, Snickers and shit? Nah, I sleep.

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There is no way to reconcile environmentalism with the growth demands of capitalism. It's either socialism or barbarism

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