@velartrill No borders obviously requires some sort of world government, if that ever happens then "no borders" is something that might happen but that's in the distant future if ever.

Horizontal, democratic organizations exist at a small scale and I'm not arrogant enough to insist it could never possibly scale up, but in general I think we agree. Giving certain people leadership with strong accountability seems more efficient and practical.

@kaikatsu @velartrill You would think more people would have learned after the spectacular failure of the Occupy movement, which was largely a result of using anarchist power structures, but nope!

@velartrill DSA has an anarchist problem. The first two are at least theoretically attainable (though in a vastly different world than one we have now, so should not be even remotely immediate goals). The third is meaningless gibberish virtue signalling that ends up being both wrong, but also pretty transphobic

@karen containerisation has a lot of utility but, like a lot of new technology, it's often poorly utilized


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@velartrill I think you are vastly overestimating both the rest of the government and the electorate

@velartrill i mean the president is the primary reason there's still no global shelter in place, why there are massive shortages with PPE and ventilators, why there's no relief for rent or people losing their jobs other than a tiny 1 time check, and why there was no real response to the coronavirus for the first month of the outbreak in the US. Obviously other people share some responsibility, but the President is the primary reason that the death toll is on track to be over 100,000 instead of less than 10,000

@druid @karen im reminded of this quote:

“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”

― Ronald Wright, A Short History of Progress

@druid @karen the majority of poor/working class don't vote either because of voter suppression, or because politicians have such a long history of lying constantly people don't trust anyone and don't bother to vote.

@pasture my goal is to never interact with an orthodox jew for as long as i live

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