lol apparently in addition to the olympics opening ceremony director being le epic holocaust joke man they also had the video game music industry's biggest hack, Koichi Sugiyama write music for it

this idiot is still buthurt that people critisized the framerate of nuclear throne lmao

@Moon I certainly saw criticism of fox news but it seemed to last a week at most and the average politically active american, regardless of partisan affiliation, seems to have a memory about that long

@Moon i mean they were right, they're just all braindead hypocrites since they "hate the msm" but love fox news despite it being literally the most mainstream of all the mainstream media in the country

msm reporters realize they are "dogshit" and "all a fraud"

@FBICatgirl getting back to the original topic though. if you have a gas stove, why not just use carbon steel? seems like basically the same thing except it doesn't take forever to heat up or cool down

@FBICatgirl ive looked up how to season it but everything still sticks to it like glue, maybe it's not hot enough

cast iron is the worst material for cookware. change my mind

capitol insurrection 

@twitter not celebrating until he cant practice life either

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