How insufferable are you? Which one?

@anonymoose @kaikatsu It's pretty simple. Those things on the chart? That I listed. Those are necessities.

@anonymoose @kaikatsu Well the things that are actually on that chart are stuff like "housing" "food" "childcare" "medical care" "education" (which is required to get a decent paying job in most fields in America) so I don't see what point you're trying to make then

@anonymoose @kaikatsu We're talking about the graph you posted, yes? Do you think that pre-1900s nobody had a house, ate food, or had any children?

@CocoCoconuts blehg if you pick the 16GB ram model there's a 4 week lead time

@anonymoose @kaikatsu bigger issue with this chart is trying to compare luxury goods with basic necessities

@kaikatsu pretty sure they just charge as much as they possibly can to make as much profit as possible like literally every single private for-profit business in every capitalist nation

@kaikatsu bitcoin is real money thats why i need to convert it to real money before i can use it

cool antifa plot: start a fake "free speech" "conservative friendly" social network. Demand Government ID for verification. Get "hacked"

lol apparently parler got "hacked" because they left their database credentials in the app?

there are so many graphical oversights and bugs in big sur its reminding me of windows

The pro-murder epic troop coffee roaster is having a feud with the not pro-murder epic troop coffee roaster

@461 this is the first time ive ever heard of people actually using Jami lol. cool!

whos ready to die at a superspreader event this week???!

lol just remembered this. Yes it's real. No, it's not remotely accurate.

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