@pasture ruby isn't that bad, at least not any worse than other languages in the same space (like python). Rails is a pile of hot garbage though

homelessness gripe 

@Elizafox proposing fake solutions that don't solve the problem is very important in politics, because if you actually solve the problem then you can no longer run on claiming you're going to solve the problem. Lots of politicians have turned this strategy into careers spanning multiple decades

I love how in America not only do you need private health insurance to be able to see a doctor in most cases, you also need to subscribe to a separate service to upload your medical bills to to negotiate with your private insurance you already paid for to prevent them from scamming you out of thousands of dollars.

Who wants to be my paypig? Currently taking applications

man, async rust really blows. there's like 3 different mutually-incompatible io types, I don't see how anyone thought this was a good idea

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