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Presidential Agenda:

Ban automobiles for personal transport.
macOS officially installable on any PC.

vote me for president so i can further consolidate executive branch power for the eventual goal of nationalizing apple and open sourcing macOS.

when you see a newspaper like the new york times post shit and go "this is so centrist' you are mistaken. they are objectively organs of the bourgeoisie, what they are doing is expressing their class position.

anyone else kinda impressed by how shitty the Cyberpunk 2077 boxart is?

MMOs are basically ruined by cash shops, the new ffxiv expansion trailer actually had me checking out the versions i could buy on ps4 until i remembered its insulting cash shop. in an rpg where there's a mountain of cool stuff to collect, that charges a monthly fee, it's just plain insulting that some stuff you can't obtain unless you pay $30 for it

the avengers is a paramilitary organization with zero accountability

I can't tell if Ubisoft is trying to make the villain of ghost recon breakpoint seem "Cool" or if hes an intentionally over the top fascist.

Watchdogs Legion: fake,
Ghost Recon: as long as they don't fuck up the "survival mechanics" it looks good
Rainbow Six 4 Dead: looks good. more coop games is always cool
Just Dance: Kill me
Gods & Monsters: Maybe good?
Roller Derby Game: who cares

Subscriptions like Uplay+ aren't inherently a bad idea. I worry that we'll end up seeing exclusive subscriber only games in the future though.

The fake version of watch dogs looks cool. I wonder what the real game will be like

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