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with the new Epstein shit coming out i cant wait for all the shithead chuds and libs to be screaming at eachother about whether Trump or Clinton is the real child rapist when they clearly both are

this is definitely the best "Trump isn't actually a fascist" take I've seen:

Trump isn't a fascist because America's political system and culture are too sick and dysfunctional to even produce fascism, lol.

" #encryption law has made it harder for journalists to communicate with their sources without jeopardising their confidentiality, American cryptography fellow Dr Riana Pfefferkorn has claimed in a submission to an inquiry into the law."

Yay! 🎉 We've developed an encrypted calendar in less than 2 months. 😃😍You can already check out the beta:

It's fucking wild the only Final Fantasy game with a decent narrative in like a decade is the MMO lol

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