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Several US states trying to ban vaping because the latest "epidemic" of lung damage is infuriating for so many reasons.

1. It's not from vaping, its from counterfeit THC pods made with things like spice. Social media capitalizes on photos of kids in hospital beds saying "don't vape" because it boycotts a new scary habit that replaces socially acceptable habit (smoking). The kids obviously don't elaborate that they were buying bootleg THC pods.

2. Even if vaping kicked you in the nuts 50 years in the future, it'd be safer than smoking.

3. Fat tobacco checks line the governments wallet

fascist pigs inadvertently proving how worthless they are by throwing a temper tantrum over one of their murderer pals facing extremely minor consequences for committing murder

The presidents malignant narcissistic inability to admit he's wrong about Alabama already has five times as much media coverage as the last nazi shooting spree

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