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Honestly this deserves its own thread. Also this is real and not a joke

wifey doesn’t want me to get the spongebob tattoo, so i’m thinking about getting one that just says tattoo

First order for my AR build arrived. Now I just gotta wait and hope the rest arrives this week so I can take it to the range next weekend! also its actually black idk how my camera fucked up this picture so badly

lol looks like there's some drama going on with the definitely-not-neonazi group the proud boys

tfw you remember getting annies mac and cheese when the text about the rabbit was in the present tense.

Imagine what kind of brain worms one must have to look at Hong Kong, Chile, and police brutality at home in the US and say "Only cops and the military have guns. btw im a leftist :blobderpy: "

Inbox: "Your Aero Precision order has shipped"

woo! now i just gotta hope the gun store pulls through with the lower

Discord is the best chat app because instead of collecting user data and ignoring privacy being incidental, like slack, it's their entire business model

firefox changed their icon. still kinda sucks but no dick on the fox at least

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