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human when a family member dies: boohoo this is so sad im crying
shrimp when family member dies: mmmmm.... delicious

*notices working class starting to be better organized* hmm time to start talking about confiscating guns

Overwatch literally has a black ops division because the good guys need to conduct secret war crimes for uh reasons

and also what if we didn't even pay lip service to the fact that maybe an extranational pmc with no oversight is somewhat problematic. having less self awareness or nuance than fucking marvel movies is kinda impressive tbh

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i like how overwatch is just what if the avengers were even more explicitly an extranational private military contractor

in a similar vein, all the gun chuds who love trump despite him enacting more gun control measures in 3 years than Obama did in his entire presidency.

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smooth brained chuds calling California, the epitome of neoliberal capitalism, "communist" never fucking gets old.

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