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i finally got around to playing the witcher 3 and its fun but CDPR still seems to know jack shit about actual game design. there are so many laughably bad decisions in here when it comes to the combat system or even basic traversal that it'd be funny if it wasn't so annoying

i dont want ww3 but you have to admit iran blowing up the white house would be epic

Capitalism is bad, but people who think changing our economic system will magically fix all our problems are almost as embarrassing as the bootlickers.

Mastodon is my favorite social network because I can copy content from Twitter and Reddit and nobody will notice

imagine being so rich you can buy your own TLD, for example: (this is, unfortunately, a real thing)

Standard videogame framerate should be ~90, not 60, and definitely not 30 which are both completely inadequate and arbitrary numbers based on the frequency of alternating current in the north american power grid.

Someone identifying themselves as a Star Wars or Marvell fan in 2020 is a good indication they're mentally unstable and should be avoided

Extremely cool that the year I remembered to get a flu shot I still got the flu

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