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looking forward of the next issue of New Warriors where the heroes Negro and Captain Faggot are introduced

Fun quarantine activity: field strip and clean all your guns

Not looking forward to spending potentially months indoors

UKPol, angry 

reading about how not to touch your face and are these articles all bullshit or is face touching just a "habit" for most people?? I touch my face because my skin always fucking itches not because i just want to touch my face

Being stuck inside a 1 bedroom apartment for days on end fucking blows i bet it's even worse for all the people in studios. can't imagine what it's been like in places like hong kong

No one remembers Meals On Wheels

1) exists
2) does exactly what people propose a non-profit community-based food delivery service should
3) was gutted by the current administration because a lot of their funding was federal
4) is exactly what we need right now
5) does not need reinventing from first principles

Very cool that the Democratic party is now running to the right of fucking Tom Cotton and Mittens Romney

"Authorized providers of location-based services and digital maps must purchase a "shift correction" algorithm that enables plotting GPS locations correctly on the map."

monetizing on a standards difference is some next level stuff
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anyone still charging rent needs to die and go straight to hell

Every on cinema joke ends up becoming real 6 months later the world really is beyond parody

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