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dunno if im just dumb, if the documentation is really bad and incomplete, or what but it's kind of absurd

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i read the official documentation and did a bunch of exercises based on it and still just immediately run into issues i am utterly unequipped to solve immediately after trying to actually do anything that isn't part of a tutorial.

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rust is easily the most confusing language ive ever tried to learn. and that includes stuff like swi-prolog and lisp

imagine considering yourself a progressive in america in 2020 and supporting gun control lmao

The real indication of if libs have finally realized all cops are bastards will be if they keep going to superhero movies when the pandemic ends.

The real indication that libs have finally realized all cops are bastards will be if people stop going to superhero movies

Day 1: Community is formed, named CHAZ
Day 2: Warlord named Raz takes over CHAZ
Day 3: Community renames themselves CHOP to avoid relation to Raz
Day 4 tomorrow: Enter warlord Rop.

its almost impressive sony somehow managed to make a plastic box that looks.... gross

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Fox news literally falling for a monty python and the holy grail joke on reddit

if you have a history of publicly posting lolicon online attached to your irl name it's probably not tactically smart to make a game extremely narrowly targeted at the exact same woke tumblr demographic that wants to execute anyone who posts cartoon characters that anyone could possibly think are under 18

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lol apparently the writer for the teen nonbinary furry dinosaur game wrote for kotaku and posted lolicon on kotaku so i guess gj on making a game with absolutely no audience i guess

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